Large scale mapping in Manteca

A father-son team mapped 500km² from a Cessna and processed over 2,000 images with Pix4D to provide an up-to-date map of Manteca.

West Coast Aerial Photography, Inc. is a father-son, family-owned aerial photography business based in Los Angeles. The project aims to provide up-to-date mapping results of Manteca, California.

An orthomosaic of farmland in Manteca.
CompanyWest Coast Aerial Photography, Inc
CountryThe United States
IndustryAerial Photogrammtery
Project dateJune 2013
Project membersSteven Holtzman
Project size566.6 square kilometers
Number of images2,532
GSD48.8 cm

Capturing the images

All images were acquired with a 21.1 megapixel Canon 5D Mark II camera with a 50mm focal-length lens, from a Cessna 206 aircraft.

Steven Holtzman and his dog in a Cessna.
The father and son team in their Cessna.

A grid flight plan was flown with 50% of side overlap between adjacent flight lines. Images were taken at nadir view in order to create an undistorted final map.

A map of the area within two days

A large area orthomosaic

Pix4D software’s automation allowed for the entire project to be processed and orthomosaic generated within a 24-hour period.

Additional modification in the Mosaic Editor was necessary to correct for minor artifacts, but corrections were completed within a business day.

Within two business days, a completed map of the full region of Manteca was generated.

"Significantly increased efficiency"

Previous solutions for this type of work would have required days or weeks to mosaic, correct artifacts and georectify the imagery. The final product would not have been as accurate as the Pix4D solution and would have required substantially more work and time.

Pix4D software offers numerous advantages, including significantly increased efficiency, allowing for large projects to be delivered within a few days of acquisition. Without this technology, this is not possible within this time period.

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