Learn online with Pix4D Instructor-led workshops

Learn about the fundamentals of drone mapping and Pix4D products with online workshops led by dedicated instructors.

At Pix4D, we make some really powerful photogrammetry software. Based on scientific principles, the Pix4D software suite allows you to reconstruct 3D models and 2D maps, measure areas and volumes, perform inspections and more - with images.

Like all powerful software, there can be a learning curve to master every operation and technique.

Pix4D Training provides you with foundational knowledge to help you work with the software more efficiently, and produce great results.

Pix4D Workshops are held all over the world - including at your desk.

Online training workshops with Pix4D
The training comes to you with Pix4D instructor-led workshops online

How are Pix4D instructor-led workshops online different from In-person Training?

Pix4D instructor-led workshops online are remote learning: they are not pre-recorded webinars.

Our instructors lead you through the course materials on a secure online platform. You’ll cover the same topics as you would in an in-person workshop, from the comfort of your own computer.

“I loved everything: the content of the workshop and the trainer’s way of explaining. The exchange of questions and the way the workshop was structured was very engaging from beginning to end.”

Why choose Pix4D Instructor-led workshops online?

Community and support

One of the big advantages of attending a Pix4D Workshop is networking with other attendees. And you can also connect with others at instructor-led workshops online.

Connect with other attendees in the Pix4D Community. This isn’t a quick chat over coffee, but a space you can return to again and again.

3 scientific benefits of online training

The science is clear. Online training is just as good, if not better than in-person training. Here’s three studies to prove it:

Easier to schedule

Pix4D offers in-person workshops in dozens of cities from Atlanta to Australia, New York to New Zealand.

But even with this range of options, finding an in-person workshop that lines up with your schedule can be tricky. You can attend Pix4D instructor-led workshops online from anywhere in the world, making it a lot easier for you to include one in your schedule.

Easier on the wallet

The ticket price of a Pix4D instructor-led workshop online is comparable to an in-person workshop. What you’re not paying for is travel, hotels and all the incidentals. Instead, you only pay for what you want: a first-rate learning experience.

Pix4D Online workshop
The online workshop covers the same information as in-person workshops, and is led by the same Pix4D trainers, including Andrew McIntyre

The same quality as in-person training

Pix4D instructor-led workshops aren’t edited or compressed versions of in-person training. They cover the same material.

“The instructor took the time so each of the attendees could move forward without being left behind, which was appreciated. Very enjoyable, very good content for those who do not have enough experience in handling the different tools of Pix4D. I really liked the course.”
Start learning
“I loved everything: the content of the workshop and the trainer’s way of explaining.”

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