Photogrammetry training with Pix4D

The top 6 benefits of Pix4D training

Powerful software can come with a learning curve. Get up to speed faster with training from Pix4D.

You invest in software to make your job easier. But day-to-day emails, deadlines, and projects won’t wait while you learn all the details of a new program.

Guessing what buttons do and hunting through documentation can be time consuming. But with fast-paced training, you can smooth out the learning curve and start reaping the benefits of Pix4D much faster.

Why choose official Pix4D training?

Over 3,500 people have completed training with Pix4D instructors. We asked some of our users what they thought about the experience, and rounded up the top 7 reasons to choose training with Pix4D.

1. Choose a location which works for you

From the USA, to Switzerland, to Chile, to New Zealand and everywhere in between - Pix4D’s dedicated training team has held organised training sessions all over the world.

...Even in your office, or online

Don’t see a training session coming up? We can meet in your office or ours at a time which suits you.

Alternatively, join an online instructor-led training session. This isn’t a webinar or pre-recorded one-way lecture: it’s the same training from the comfort of your desk.

2. Learn how you work

Good documentation can help you understand a product. But in your day-to-day work, you’re more likely to be trying to complete specific goals, such as improving the accuracy of a model.

The training leads you through a typical project, from flight planning to sharing results. And leaves plenty of time for questions, because real-world projects are seldom ‘typical’.

Pix4D's rayCloud links each orginal image to its 3D point
Learn how to improve the accuracy of a model with Pix4D's rayCloud

3. Proven results

Over 3,500 users have completed Pix4D training. That means our trainers have spent a lot of time perfecting their training technique and the curriculum has been tested again and again on real Pix4D users.

...Which you can prove to others

Pix4D workshop participants qualify for 50% off the Pix4Dmapper Essentials certification exam. The industry-recognised certification allows you to demonstrate your competence with the software and stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

“For us as a drone services company, I think Pix4D certification will be a great help when working with larger companies. To be able to provide assurance that we know what we are doing and will be able to provide them with correct data and results.”
  • Alexander Paulusson, the first Pix4D Certified user in Sweden

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4. Network with other users

Every Pix4D user workshop has built-in networking and break times, where you can connect with other users. Who knows - you may launch the next big idea.

5. Specialised training with expert input

We’re releasing more and more specialized training courses. These courses are developed with the help of industry experts, to ensure they’re up-to-date and real-world relevant.

Two law enforcement officers demonstrate a drone flight
Specialized training is developed with industry experts

6. Take home tools you need to succeed

You won’t leave a training session empty-handed. As well as a wealth of knowledge, our instructors share notes which you can refer to in the weeks and months to come, to help you get the best results now and in the future.

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