Improved optimization with Pix4Dmapper 4.3

Faster processing with Pix4Dmapper 4.3

Pix4Dmapper 4.3 offers faster initial processing, optimized accurate-calibration pipeline and simplified privacy and communication settings.

More than 25% faster initial processing for large projects

Pix4Dmapper 4.2 vs. Pix4Dmapper 4.3.

Pix4Dmapper 4.3 offers significantly faster processing than Pix4Dmapper 4.2, with initial processing time an average of 15% faster.

We conducted a performance improvement analysis comparing the duration of the initial processing for a wide range of projects, varying in size — number of images — and imagery type — RBG and multispectral.

Processing large projects — with more than 2,500 images — showed the biggest increase in speed. They were processed more than 25% faster without sacrificing accuracy.

Faster processing times in Pix4Dmapper 4.3

Do you have a drone with onboard IMU? We have good news for you!

Pix4Dmapper turns IMU data to your advantage.

Pix4Dmapper 4.3 reads camera XMP IMU accuracy tags. Learn more about XMP IMU tags on our support site.

Faster processing, without sacrificing accuracy

GPS and IMU data makes the Accurate Geolocation and Orientation calibration method an average of 20% faster than the standard calibration method, without compromising on accuracy. The bigger your dataset is, the faster the Accurate Geolocation and Orientation pipeline is compared to the Standard pipeline.

A more robust calibration

Recorded IMU angles increase the calibration robustness, delivering better results in areas with challenging and repetitive textures such as dense vegetation.

Your data. Your choice.

Your Pix4D account communication and data privacy settings are now centralized and synchronized. Pix4Dmapper 4.3 comes with built-in communication and data privacy control. Your preferences are recorded in your Pix4D account and applied across all platforms, including desktop and cloud photogrammetry software and our flight-planning and image capture app. You can change your settings at any time.

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