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Interview: being the first Pix4D Certified User

Osama is not only the first Pix4D Certified User in the world but also one of the first adopters of Pix4D’s technology.

By following this series you will learn some tips to successfully complete the certification program, to improve your Pix4D projects, as well as benchmark how other users are leveraging their Pix4D certification.

Today we fly to Ontario in Canada to interview Osama Saadeldin, President at Bosys Technologies. Osama is not only the first Pix4D Certified User around the world but also one of the first adopters of Pix4D’s technology.

1. For how long have you been using Pix4D software and UAV technology for remote sensing in general?

I started using UAVs in 2011 and evaluated many software packages before I was introduced to Terra 3D after we got our first senseFly UAS platform. That’s when I settled on Pix4UAV Desktop and registered my account in September of 2012 (on my birthday as it happens) and got our first license by the end of 2012. We have been using it exclusively since.

2. In your opinion, what are the key improvements that were added to the software since you first started using it?

Everything improved really, but the key elements that were significant are:

  • General processing speed
  • Point Cloud processing – DTMs and contours were a welcome addition and also orthoplanes, polylines and surfaces.
  • Volume calculations specifically the import and export capabilities
  • Processing area control
  • And mosaic editing capabilities – it is much more usable now than it used to be for large areas.

3. What projects are you integrating the technology into?

Mostly mapping, topography, and volumetric calculations but we also do 3D modelling occasionally.

4. How would you describe the certification to other users?

It is a great way to confirm your expertise. I always say flying drones is the easiest part, but knowing what you can do with the data is the real advantage you can bring to the table. Being certified by the software creator confirms my knowledge and expertise to the rest of the world including the clients who need the assurance that they will get a product they can trust and is done to the highest standards.

5. You also attended a Pix4D user workshop. How did the workshop help you get prepared for the certification exam? How has it helped you better implement Pix4D in your projects?

The workshop helped confirm my knowledge of the software and also learn some valuable tips & tricks and efficiencies for data processing that are going to be integrated into our workflows for future projects.

That knowledge will help us establish a best-practices framework that everyone follows and depend on to achieve a consistent product to deliver to our clients.

6. How do you plan to leverage your Pix4D certification?

We plan to put it to good use and let our clients and partners know that we are now a certified shop. I think it is advantageous when clients know that, since they are trusting us with their data and now we have the proof that it will done by a certified professional. We also will make sure that everyone involved in data processing gets certified.

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