HEA BLO CORP Sony Airpeak

PIX4Dmapper now supports the Sony Alpha 7RV - 24/35mm

Images taken with the SONY Airpeak S1 drone can be processed with Pix4D products including PIX4Dmapper.

PIX4Dmapper now supports the Sony Alpha 7RV - 24/35mm camera, allowing users to attach this camera to the Sony Airpeak S1 industrial drone and process the data acquired during the flight with PIX4Dmapper. PIX4Dmapper is now officially supported by two domestic drone manufacturers in Japan, including ACSL.

SONY's domestically produced Airpeak S1 drone is characterized by its fast and dynamic flight, and the new product, newly announced in April 2023, uses a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) kit that enables accurate positioning in centimeters. It is expected to be a domestically produced drone that can be used for conventional industrial applications, such as stable operation even in strong magnetic fields.

IMA BLO CORP Sony Airpeak

PIX4Dmapper already supports the Sony Alpha 7R IV and now adds its next generation model, the Alpha 7RV - 24/35mm. Both are part of the full-size mirrorless Alpha 7R series manufactured by SONY, and by attaching them to Airpeak S1 with the RTK kit, users can rapidly acquire data with highly accurate position data and create sophisticated models with PIX4Dmapper.

Not only PIX4Dmapper, but also PIX4Dinspect, PIX4Dcloud, and PIX4Dmatic, which have a common camera database, already support this drone. In the future, PIX4Dfields and PIX4Dreact are also preparing to provide similar support. PIX4Dmatic is particularly good at processing large data sets at high speed, and we expect that the high speed data acquisition by Airpeak S1 will bring even more value to PIX4Dmatic.

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