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Engineers surveying terrains

Surveying and mapping,

Aerial surveying and mapping with drone images and photogrammetry

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Discover the latest stories and use cases about photogrammetry.

Open Photogrammetry Format

Pix4D Labs: Meet OPF - the PDF of photogrammetry

Pix4D is launching a brand new standard for the exchange of photogrammetry projects called OPF. Discover what it is and how it works!

Interviewing a surveyor: how mobile scanning changes it all

Interviewing a surveyor: how mobile scanning changes it all

Our interview with a career surveyor sheds light onto how scanning with a smartphone is bringing a new dimension to the surveying sector.

The Ocean Cleanup at work with Pix4D in Malaysia

Leveraging DXF files in AEC with PIX4Dcloud Advanced

Boost collaboration using DXF files and PIX4Dcloud. Leverage drone mapping software for seamless project coordination and efficiency.