How drones are used in conservation and natural resource management

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About the webinar

Conservation and natural resource management are important for protecting indigenous species, promote biodiversity, and maintain the environment for future generations.

Environmental conservation is a big part of agriculture, farming and ecology. Drones can be used to effectively plan treatments so they are only applied to the necessary areas, which minimizes the effect on the entire ecosystem. Plants help prevent soil erosion, filter water, and provide nutrients. This can be protected with specialized farming methods.

Join Pix4D’s Nathan Stein and the founder of T&T Endeavors, Troy Gibbs, for a discussion on how drones are used in conservation and natural resource management with the example of controlling an invasive wetland plant.

Topics discussed:

  • Introduction to Troy Gibbs and how he started his own drone application company
  • How a spray drone and PIX4Dfields helped lake restoration and invasive weed control projects
  • How PIX4Dfields elevates precision mapping and application services - saving time, money, and resources
  • Your questions in our Q&A session

Time and Date:

10:00 AM CDT (17:00 CET), July 12th, 2022

The webinar will be 1 hour and will include a live Q&A at the end.
A webinar recording will be sent to all registrants shortly after the webinar.


Nathan Stein

Nathan Stein
Business Development Manager, Agriculture
T&T Endeavors

Troy Gibbs
T&T Endeavors