Bridge the gap between planting and harvesting

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About the webinar

Between planting and harvesting, crops go through many different stages that still need monitoring to make sure they are performing.

Bridging this gap is where the use of drone mapping can truly become a useful tool. With access to fast and accurate data, users can identify issues on time, resulting in improved harvesting, increased crop yields, and larger net returns per acre.

In this webinar, together with 4Rivers Equipment and John Deere, we demonstrate how with Pix4Dfields software and a drone, you are fully equipped to boost your growing season. 

Topics covered:

  • Best workflows for digital agriculture
  • How to get in-field crop insights in minutes
  • Types of data and how to access it in the John Deere Operations Center
  • How to share the results between field and office
  • Your questions in the Q&A session

Useful information

The webinar is one hour long, including the Q&A session.


Nathan Stein

Nathan Stein

Agriculture Business Development Manager,
Nick Guadagnoli

Nick Guadagnoli

Technology Solutions Manager,
4Rivers Equipment
Carolin Kunz

Carolin Kunz

Marketing Representative - Digital Solutions,
John Deere GmbH & Co.KG Intelligent Solutions Group