Twice the power: combining photogrammetry and LiDAR for aerial and terrestrial mapping

About the webinar

Combining aerial and terrestrial data for mapping is the ideal solution for the creation of comprehensive, accurate 3D models. Terrestrial mapping ideally implements what drones can not capture, and the latest Pix4D software is able to seamlessly merge aerial and terrestrial data through an easy and intuitive workflow.

In this webinar, Pix4D and Wingtra present the whole workflow for the creation of a detailed 3D model. We will take you through the process from aerial data acquisition with a WingtraOne and terrestrial mapping with the viDoc and PIX4Dcatch, to combining and processing the data with PIX4Dmatic and then vectorization and automatic feature extraction in PIX4Dsurvey.

Join us to learn how this solution can extend your work and help your mapping business grow with more efficient mapping capabilities, advanced automation, and more options and tools for detailed reconstruction.

Key topics

  • Why you need to combine aerial and terrestrial data for highly detailed 3D models
  • How to collect fast and accurate photogrammetry data with the WingtraOne
  • Best practices for accurate terrestrial data acquisition using viDoc and PIX4Dcatch
  • How to combine aerial and terrestrial data and process them quickly with high accuracy
  • How to vectorize a point cloud with advanced automation and a wide range of tools and capabilities, and create engineering-ready CAD files
  • Ask questions in our live Q&A session

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