Applying drone mapping for agriculture in Thailand

Drone mapping solutions for agriculture in Indonesia

About the webinar

Since the introduction of consumer drones in 2011, drone technology has made significant progress in terms of reliability, efficiency, and price. In agriculture, drone-based remote sensing technology is a convenient, cost-efficient way to gain a complete and in-depth understanding of your fields.

We teamed up with Ultimate Positioning to discuss drone mapping solutions for agriculture specific to Thailand. The webinar covers smart farming trends, how to plan drone flights, collect and process data, and check for any stress factors in the crops using image analysis.

Topics discussed:

  • Smart farming trends in Thailand
  • How to plan drone flights for agriculture
  • How to check plant health from image analysis
  • Real-world case study examples
  • Your questions in the Q&A session

Useful information

The webinar is one hour long, including the Q&A session and the main language is Thai.


Chupong Pongpatimet

Chupong Pongpatimet

Ultimate Positioning
Wanna Nientaisong

Wanna Nientaisong

Geospatial Manager
Ultimate Positioning
Michino Hisabayash

Michino Hisabayashi

Business Development Executive