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Schedule B – Extended Support (Optional)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Schedule B completes and details the EULA provided that it has been properly activated by having You contacting Pix4D’s sales team by e-mail at sales@pix4d.com or by phone at +41 21 552 05 90.

Unless otherwise defined in this Schedule B, capitalized terms shall have the meaning set forth in the EULA.


In the event of any conflict between this Schedule B and the EULA, this Schedule B will govern.

The Licensor provides extended support (Enterprise Support) to the terms and conditions below, which will be fixed for the duration of the subscription to the "Enterprise Support" services. If the Enterprise Support is renewed, the version of this "Enterprise Support" Schedule that is current at the time the renewal term commences will apply throughout the renewal term.


2.1 Principle

Technical support services “Support Services” to be provided by the Licensor hereunder is limited to the most current version of the Pix4D Software.

The Licensor's obligation to provide Support Services is contingent upon proper use of the Pix4D Software and full compliance with the EULA. Moreover, the Licensor shall be under no obligation to provide Support Services should such services be required due to (i) failure to operate the Pix4D Software within the systems requirements, (ii) any modification or attempted modification of the Pix4D Software by You or any Third Party, or (iii) Your failure or refusal to implement operations recommended by the Licensor.

Subject to the related fees mentioned under Section 3 of Schedule B, the Licensor shall provide Support Services, which require deep knowledge of the Pix4D Software, as per the following terms:

(i) Support Services will be available during the Business Hours.

(ii) All Support Services requests shall be made using the ticketing system located at https://support.pix4d.com and/or by phone at the helpline.

(iii) Upon receipt of a Support Services request, the Licensor will:

-provide a case tracking number to manage each support request, and

-investigate promptly any questions or problems related to the Pix4D Software, provided that adequate information be delivered to the Licensor to assist the investigation, such as the nature of the problem, including any information reasonably necessary for diagnosis and correction, the operation or the serial of operations being performed by the Pix4D Software when the problem occurred, detailed description of the problem, its duration, any attempts made by You to resolve the problem.

(iv) If need be, Support Services may be provided through screensharing.

(v) Certain operations recommended by the Licensor in answer to a Support Services request may compromise the integrity of Your data. You shall be aware that You must provide for adequate back-up of Your data at all times and the Licensor shall assume no liability in case of loss in the integrity for any reason whatsoever.

The Licensor shall make reasonable commercial efforts to correct or provide a workaround for any errors, defects, glitches or non-conformities found in the Pix4D Software within 5 (five) Business Days as from the date on which the support request was filed. In the event a correction or a workaround may not be provided within this deadline, the Licensor shall immediately inform You and indicate a commercially reasonable estimated timeline. The Licensor makes no warranties that it will resolve any particular Support Services request or that such resolution will meet Your requirements or expectations. When there is no resolution to the Support Services request, the Licensor will inform You that the issue cannot be resolved and give a workaround / action plan when applicable.

2.2 Guaranteed Response Time

(a) The guaranteed response time is related to the impact that the Support Services request has on Your business (the "Business Impact"). You shall indicate its estimated Business Impact when submitting a Support Services request or calling the Licensor helpdesk by phone.

(b) The Licensor reserves the right to reclassify the Business Impact at any time if it reasonably believes the classification is incorrect.

(c) The following table is a reference to the guaranteed response times that can be expected according to the Business Impact:

Business ImpactDescriptionGuaranteed first response time for Action Plan, Status Updates, Resolution when applicable
CriticalHighly visible incident – a process or tool has stopped working – more than 50% of customers or projects are affected.2 Business Hours
MajorA process or tool has stopped working – a single customer or project is affected.4 Business Hours
ModerateLearning how to use a tool or feature that has a significant impact on your workflow.8 Business Hours
LimitedIncident creating minor impairment of functionality / Product feedback.12 Business Hours


Enterprise Support will be provided, for the entire duration of the EULA, against payment of the monthly fee published at the date of signature (or renewal) of the Enterprise Support on the following Licensor's webpage: https://pix4d.com/enterprise-extended-support/, excl. VAT if applicable, invoiced to You at the end of each month.