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vidoc rtk rover for iPhone, iPad and Android

viDoc RTK rover
for iOS and Android

  • ViDoc RTK rover device
  • GNSS antenna
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Hard carrying case

Includes 2 year warranty

pix4dcatch compatible
Optimized for use with PIX4Dcatch

What people are saying

"The combination of PIX4Dcatch, viDoc, and PIX4Dcloud has enabled us to create high quality 3D scans that are geospatially accurate and easy to share with stakeholders. Not only is the workflow intuitive and seamless, but it is also at a fraction of the cost of other multi-part solutions available on the market."

Mr. Shane Shi HSC, Singapore
HSC pipeline engineering

Frequently asked questions

What is the viDoc RTK rover?

The viDoc RTK rover is a device that can be mounted onto selected smartphones. The rover, synchronized with PIX4Dcatch, geotags images with RTK accuracy in real-time, while connected to any NTRIP service, allowing absolute accuracy in 3D photogrammetric scanning.

How can I purchase the device?

Depending on your region, the viDoc RTK rover is available through a selection of authorized Pix4D resellers or by contacting directly the Pix4D sales team.

How does it work?

For information on the device and its functionalities, please check our Documentation or download the technical data specifications. Remark: the front laser functionalities can be used only with the viApp (not included) and are not compatible with PIX4Dcatch.

Which devices work with the viDoc RTK rover?

The viDoc works with the iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen and later, after 2020) , iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max. It also works on the iPhone 11, iPhone XR but phone cases need to be purchased separately for these 2 models. It also works with any Android device equipped with ARCore capability, although you'll have to manually measure the offset. Read more in our Documentation.

What's in the box?

The viDoc is available for iPhones, iPads and Androids. All these 3 different viDoc package types include the RTK device with the GNSS antenna, a USB-C charging cable and a hard carrying case. This workflow requires an SP Connect phone case or mount, that has to be bought separately. All 3 models include a 2 year warranty.

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