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Intelligent digital twins powered by Artificial Intelligence for informed decision-making

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  • Access to PIX4Dscan drone flight application
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Master cameras
    • 3D/2D Inspector
    • Rust detection (Beta)
    • Rooftop segmentation (Beta)
  • Inspection & Asset management tools
  • Smart PDF report
  • 1.000 images per project
  • Personal customer support and updates

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All PIXDinspect features plus:
  • Advanced access to PIX4Dscan app: asset-specific missions
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence - Telecom focused
    • Automatic Tower Inventory
    • Automatic detection of azimuth, downtilt, plumb and height
    • Automatic image selection for inventory items
  • API access and embedding options to own application
  • User management
  • Custom AI plugins
  • Premium customer support
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Leading companies have adopted PIX4Dinspect to scale their workflows

“PIX4Dinspect was a straight-up choice because it made the inspection process way faster. Instead of checking all the photos we collected, we can now only inspect the specific ones we need, from every angle we need and save a lot of time.”

Jenő Barta FURAY Photogrammetry Solutions

FURAY photogrammetry solutions

"Getting results close to using a laser scanner, at a fraction of the cost with safety and maneuverability, was critical to meeting the needs of the project and staying in-budget and we did it thanks to PIX4Dinspect."

Gabriel Mello SMC Soluções em Engenharia

SMC Solucoes en Engenharia

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try PIX4Dinspect for free?

We offer free trials to almost all users worldwide. Start your trial by visiting our trial page or getting in touch if it is not supported in your region.

Do I need to pay for PIX4Dscan?

PIX4Dscan is automatically included with your purchase of PIX4Dinspect.

Can I try the Enterprise plan?

Yes, you can set up a trial of the Enterprise plan by contacting our team.

What is the difference between PIX4Dinspect and PIX4Dcloud?

PIX4Dinspect is powered by Artificial Intelligence to automate your workflows and is tailored for asset management and inspection. PIX4Dcloud is a more generalized cloud-based photogrammetry platform and does not have the same integrated AI and machine learning.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We understand data security is a major concern for storing asset data online and our platform is securely hosted with AWS. You can find more information here.

Are there demo projects available?

You can freely discover several demo projects without an account or a subscription.

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