Drone-mapping for Public Safety

Drones in Public Safety

How innovative public safety organizations are incorporating drone mapping into their operations

About the webinar

Public Safety continues to evolve with technology. Is your organization keeping up? Our expert speakers discussed how innovative organizations use drones and Pix4D software to smooth workflows, uncover previously hidden data, and recreate accident scenes.

With real-world case studies from some of the world’s most innovative Public Safety organizations, this webinar covered the practicalities of gathering data (even when you don’t have a drone), the legalities of collecting and using imagery, and how Pix4D can be used to get the information your team needs.

Key learnings

  • How and why the world’s most innovative public safety organisations are using drones in their operations.
  • The outcomes of real-world case studies involving drone mapping and photogrammetry software.
  • How photogrammetry software can complement traditional surveying methods, plus alternatives to drone mapping.
  • How accurate 3D models and site recreations can be applied in a public safety context.
  • Plus actionable tips and Q&A.


Mark johnson Visual Law

Mark Johnson,

Founder and President of Visual Law Group
walter chomentowski MST

Walter Chomentowski,

Geospatial Intelligence Specialist, Michigan State Police
Sam Pepple, Pix4D

Sam Pepple,