Pushing the limits: Mapping large areas with drones

how to create 3d maps of large areas with drones webinar by Pix4D

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About the webinar

The benefits of drones in surveying and mapping for small areas is well understood, but they have the potential to do so much more. Join us for a discussion on mapping and processing large projects - over 150,000 images!

With real-world case studies from MWH Geo and actionable tips, this webinar covers the practicalities of gathering data, the practicalities of managing large volumes of data, and how drone mapping and Pix4D software can be used to get the information your team needs.

Key learnings

  • Applications for large projects - what industries call for large drone maps, and where UAVs are preferable to light aircraft
  • Project workflow, including the logistics of drone flights over multiple weeks and dealing with the complexity of large datasets
  • The outcomes of three real-world case studies involving drone mapping and photogrammetry software
  • Unusually large outputs - how big is too big to work with?
  • Plus actionable tips and Q&A

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Marshall MacnNabb Senior Data Scientist Pix4D

Lorena Uzquiza

Senior Data Consultant
Angad Singh Technical Sales Engineer Pix4D

Angad Singh

Technical Sales Engineer
Trent Casi Account Executive Pix4D

Trent Casi

Account Executive