PIX4Dcatch RTK desktop grant for university research

Get a PIX4Dcatch RTK system and 1 year’s subscription to PIX4Dmatic & PIX4Dsurvey!

Are you a student, researcher, or part of a university or non-profit organization with a passion for groundbreaking projects? If so, we have an exciting opportunity you won’t want to miss!

If your upcoming project includes LiDAR, surveying, archaeology documentation, BIM, architecture, or related fields, this contest is for you! We are offering the chance to win the PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow along with a year’s free access to our photogrammetry and surveying softwares, PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey. The PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow includes a viDoc, our terrestrial 3D scanning hardware with survey-grade accuracy (10 available), and the PIX4Dcatch app.  

All you need to do is submit a 1-page proposal describing your project’s vision and how you plan to use the PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow, PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey(optional) to achieve your results.

Pix4D reserves the right to get access to the data collected by viDoc.

Don’t miss the opportunity to win this state-of-the-art hardware and software, and to gain exposure on your project from Pix4D - take your research and projects to the next level. Deadline: October 15, 2023!

Submissions are no longer accepted.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.