Drone-mapping for public safety – webinar recording

Watch how innovate public safety organizations use Pix4Dmapper

Expert guest speakers, Mark Johnson, Founder and President of Visual Law Group, and Walter Chomentowski, Geospatial Intelligence Specialist from Michigan State Police, shared their experience using drones and Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software.

Webinar outline

[00:01] Introduction

[07:13] Mark Johnson – Visual Law: Photogrammetry and Forensic Visualization for the Courtroom

[07:34] Case study: Snorkeling fatality Molokini crater, Maui, Hawaii

[13:46] Case study: Navy helicopter crash in Nevada desert

[17:18] Case study: Police shooting

[20:08] Case study: Freeway collision

[23:06] Drone photogrammetry for vehicle crash to support accident reconstruction

[24:36] Photogrammetry used to counter opposition expert opinion as to vehicle position

[26:05] Photogrammetry used to establish true velocity and position from dash-cam video

[28:30] Walter Chomentowski – MSP: The pilot’s perspective of UAS operation and the image processing

[28:42] Presentation outline

[29:47] Michigan State Police: Initial Steps Toward a Successful UAS Program

[31:35] UAS Deployment Policy for Emergency Management and Law Enforcement

[32:38] MSP UAS Policy Highlights

[34:30] MSP UAS Mission Highlights

[36:07] Walter Chomentowski lost connection

[36:20] Q&A with Mark Johnson

[42:54] Walter Chomentowski rejoined the webinar

[43:32] UAS Capabilities: Car crash documentation

[45:57] UAS Capabilities: Crime scene documentation

[47:44] UAS Capabilities: Downlink Truck

[48:20] Lessons Learned

[49:26] Image Collection and Post Flight Image Processing Workflow

[55:00] Q&A

[1:14:56] Conclusion

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