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Version 1.3 – April 21st, 2021
  • New features:

  • Customize the PDF report with your own logo and contact details.
  • US National Grid map overlay with the ability to jump to a specific cell by either USNG code or GPS coordinates.
  • Now available in French, Italian, Korean, and Russian.
  • Redesigned menu for managing markers and the ability to import markers from a shapefile.
  • Ability to switch the base map from within a project. Select either satellite, street, none or custom (when set).

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Example dataset

Test the processing speed of PIX4Dreact with our demo dataset, showing a real example of hurricane aftermath in Dominica.

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Recommended computer specifications

Required operating system
Operating system
• Windows 10 (64 Bit) • macOS Catalina (10.15) or above
• 8GB RAM (or more) • Quad-core or hexa-core Intel i5 (or faster)
Hard disk
• SSD recommended
• Integrated or dedicated GPU with 2 GB RAM (GeForce GTX with 6GB RAM recommended)