Discover the new developments in PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey

About the webinar

Are you ready to learn how PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey can help you broaden your business opportunities and enhance the productivity of your teams?

PIX4Dmatic is the optimized desktop photogrammetry software for large-scale projects and terrestrial datasets. Watch our webinar and learn how to professionally merge drone and terrestrial captures in PIX4Dmatic, using inputs from our app PIX4Dcatch and hardware viDoc RTK rover. Discover recent advancements like new capabilities for indoor mapping and crash reconstruction scenes, new algorithms to help you save time and improved outputs.

PIX4Dsurvey enables fast and accurate vectorization from point clouds and extracts key data to be made ready for CAD. In this webinar, you will learn about volume measurements, automatic roof detections, and all the new tools and automations that can help you get the geometry you need from a massive point cloud.

Watch our exclusive webinar and find out the latest updates and the potential of our solutions in a real-world case study!

Key topics

  • Why PIX4Dmatic is the ideal photogrammetry software for big datasets
  • The terrestrial workflow of PIX4Dmatic that can extend your work and projects
  • Best practices for accurate terrestrial data acquisition using viDoc and PIX4Dcatch
  • The wide PIX4Dsurvey toolkit for fast vectorization and automated feature extraction
  • How easily PIX4Dsurvey can export engineering-ready CAD files from point clouds
  • Demonstration of new updates on real-world case study
  • Live Q&A session for your answers

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Rhea Garratt


Geospatial Marketing Specialist
Pierangelo Rothenbühler

Pierangelo Rothenbühler

Software Team Manager
Nate Moore


Senior Product Manager

What PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey users are saying

“PIX4Dmatic combined with PIX4Dsurvey has not only cut delivery times in handing products over to my clients but has made it possible to deliver a product that is 3 - 4 times better in terms of quality!”

Brent Renyard Director - SO3C Ltd

“Pix4D applications allow me to generate high-resolution crash reconstructions from accurate 3D environments that help me to stand out from others in my field and wow my clients”.

John Lloyd Ph.D.

"We used PIX4Dmatic because it is easy and simple to use. It can be used for large projects (more than 5000 images) and can quickly process large projects, with no need to breakdown the project into separate sections and stitching it together - it provides a unified, nice Orthomosaic."

Ako Shwan Director - GeoDesign Company