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On-boarding session options

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PIX4Dscan & PIX4Dinspect

PIX4Dscan logo
  • What is PIX4Dscan
  • Compatible devices and Drones
  • What to do before connecting your drone to PIX4Dscan
  • How to set your drone with PIX4Dscan
  • Cell Tower Workflow presentation
  • Live DEMO to explain the following:
  • The App's dashboard, settings, and options explained
  • Before launching the mission
  • Different mission options
  • Performing the mission
  • After performing the mission
  • Final Q&A
  • Next steps
PIX4Dinspect logo
  • What is PIX4Dinspect
  • Live DEMO to explain the following:
  • Requirements to use PIX4Dinspect
  • How to open PIX4Dinspect
  • PIX4Dinspect dashboard explained
  • How to create a new Asset
  • How to create a new Project for an Asset
  • Steps 1,2 and 3 of the project creation process
  • Project inspection (once created)
  • Creation of annotations, measurements, manually added inventory items, hot to export outputs, etc.
  • Final Q&A
  • Next steps

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viDoc & PIX4Dcatch

PIX4Dscan logo
  • What is PIX4Dcatch and viDoc RTK rover?
  • Before starting
  • Download and install PIX4Dcatch
  • Attach the device to the viDoc RTK rover
  • RTK best practices
  • Capture guidelines
  • Processing a project
  • PIX4Dcloud / PIX4Dcloud Advanced
  • Processing Options
  • Process locally with PIX4Dmatic / PIX4Dmapper
  • PIX4Dcatch Settings
  • Single point measurements / GCPs
  • Q & A
  • Next steps
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