HEA BLO CON Robert-Greenhalgh
Documenting subsurface utilities with PIX4Dcatch
Accurate trench documentation is key in construction. A firm successfully implements mobile scanning app PIX4Dcatch for this purpose.
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BLO PIX4Dcatch 2 0 1600 900
PIX4Dcatch 2.0 is here!
Introducing PIX4Dcatch 2.0 with new AR features that offer precision and efficiency to construction and surveying professionals.
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Regenerative farming solutions in Tanzania with PIX4Dfields
PIX4Dfields is used to monitor the regrowth of vegetation on barren land in Kongwa, Tanzania as part of regenerative farming.
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Copy of Subsurface utilities
Mobile 3D scanning and the advance of digital construction
Governments globally are adopting digital processes like BIM to increase collaboration and save time and money.
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HEA BLO APP Usability-meets-accuracy
Usability meets accuracy with PIX4Dcatch mobile scanning
A construction company in Japan conducted a comparative accuracy test using a laser scanner, a drone, and PIX4Dcatch.
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HEA BLO AGR Pix4Dfields 2.6 Release
PIX4Dfields 2.6: AMAZONE spot spraying maps, and more!
PIX4Dfields 2.6 brings you AMAZONE spot spraying maps, improved zonation workflow, and more!
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The Standing Stones of Petra: archaeology and Pix4D
Archaeologists in Petra, Jordan use PIX4Dcatch for research: investigating and recording details of the world-famous Nabatean site.
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HEA BLO GEO Kafulufulu
Building bridges in Malawi with drones and PIX4Dmatic
An Irish NGO uses PIX4Dmatic and drones to build a bridge, providing local communities access to vital resources in the rainy season.
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HEA BLO GEO Phone-scanningLiDAR-vs-photogrammetry V2
Point cloud comparison: photogrammetry vs LiDAR
We investigated the benefits of photogrammetry versus LiDAR for generating 3D point clouds.
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Climate action: tracking coastal erosion with Pix4D
Using photogrammetry, the Wales Coastal Monitoring Center supplies crucial data for flood and erosion risk management strategies.
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Precise sediment measurement: Pix4D boosts accuracy by 70%
PIX4Dcatch RTK was used to gauge sediment levels in a reservoir. We spoke to the project leaders about its effective application.
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HEA BLO GEO Dronelink
Drone-driven construction monitoring with PIX4Dcloud
A leading Canadian contractor integrates photogrammetry into its construction process, improving its workflow – saving time and money.
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