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Introducing PIX4Dcloud integration to Trimble Connect

PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dcloud Advanced are now integrated into Trimble Connect to offer you a seamless workflow and save you time.

One of the main challenges in the construction industry is communication. Communication is critically important as there are typically multiple stakeholders in a single construction project. A lack of effective communication could lead to missing important details and leaving the team unaware of an issue until it’s too late.

Trimble Connect is a data-sharing platform specifically developed for the construction industry that combines various sets of data into a single source of truth to ensure real-time, automated, and open data exchange between all stakeholders across a project lifecycle.

PIX4Dcloud is an online platform for accurate site mapping. PIX4Dcloud produces accurate 2D maps and 3D models from both aerial and terrestrial data, which are accessible online from anywhere in the world. The cloud platform provides insights and facilitates job site analysis so you can better track and document your site progress.

The integration between PIX4Dcloud and Trimble Connect is a step further in improving team collaboration by enabling the easy transfer of data between the two platforms to keep all parties up-to-date.

Integrate your PIX4Dcloud data into Trimble Connect

How does it work

With just a few clicks, data from PIX4Dcloud and/or PIX4Dcloud Advanced is imported to the Trimble Connect platform. All outputs and reports can be transferred to Trimble Connect.

How to enable the integration

Firstly, connect to Trimble Connect from your Pix4D account. To do so, click on the user icon at the top right bar and select “Integrations” from the Menu, click “Connect” and add your Trimble Connect credentials. Once connected, you can immediately start transferring your desired files.

Transferring data

To start transferring files, click Files & Export > Transfer to Trimble, select the desired files and click “Transfers” at the bottom right. Now select your preferred Folder and click “Send”.

For more information on this integration as well as how to transfer files, please refer to our technical documentation.

*Please note that this integration is in Beta.

Improve your workflow and save time
Seamlessly integrate your data into Trimble Connect

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