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Pix4D wins the SAP & HPE Virtual Study Tour Challenge

SAP and HPE cooperated to launch the SAP & HPE Virtual Study Tour Global Innovation Challenge.

From October 27 - 29, 2020, HPE and SAP hosted a virtual innovation study tour for an exclusive network of over 100 innovation executives who had previously attended one of the physical study tours in Silicon Valley. Part of the study tour included the “Global Innovation Challenge” where Pix4D, along with other startups, pitched their work to the innovation leaders. The study tour recognized the work of Pix4D and SAP’s joint project for innovating mast inspection with the award.

This competition for startup companies was held in collaboration with SAP startup partners that had innovated to solve a problem or gap in the market. SAP’s Startup Engagement team typically works with startups like Pix4D to provide integrated solutions.

The final three candidates were sent to the SAP Virtual HanaHaus to discuss innovation, problem solving and similar topics. The audience was made up of over 60 CXOs from Fortune 500 companies who voted for a winner. The event took on a shark-tank concept. We are proud they chose Pix4Dinspect Telecom.

“The SAP & HPE Innovation Challenge showcased very impressive cutting-edge technologies and it was a close race to find a winner” said Jesper Schleimann, Chief Innovation Officer for SAP EMEA North.

“On Behalf of SAP and HPE, I am proud to congratulate the winning Pix4D team, who demonstrated a great innovation mindset and unique business idea that resonated with our judges consisting of over 60 innovation leaders”. - Jesper Schleimann

Pix4D’s collaboration with SAP centres around Pix4Dinspect drone inspection software, and is focused on improving telecommunication inspections in 2020. This commitment to innovating 3D mast inspection is enabling modern technology to change asset inspection for the better.

Pablo Santos Fernández, Business Strategy Manager at Pix4D, said “We are proud to be recognized in such a competitive contest, where our innovation sets us apart. Our commitment is not just to making digital twins, but enhancing them with machine learning and AI to be at the forefront of today's telecom inspection challenges.”

HPE & SAP are committed to innovation and delivering successful IT transformations within companies, and the recognition of such a big partnership is a place of pride for Pix4D.

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