Pix4D launches Enterprise Solutions

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Build your own drone-based data applications

Pix4D launches Enterprise Solutions in the US at the Commercial UAV Expo

Want to integrate drone mapping in your operations and build your own drone-based data applications? Now you can–by using our Pix4D photogrammetry engine to create high-quality 2D maps and 3D models even more quickly from images.

Pix4Dengine is a fully customizable photogrammetry reconstruction engine accessible via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Developing Kits (SDKs), which lets you use drone mapping and image processing at scale in your operations and automate your workflows. It’s customizable, scalable, and flexible and lets you collect and analyze valuable business data faster. Make data-driven decisions faster and more often.

"Today’s leading organizations are using big data and machine learning-based tools to automate their decision processes. The Pix4Dengine is our contribution to these tools in order to deliver high quality mapping data with large automation and scalability,” says Matthieu Lefebvre, Enterprise Solutions Manager at Pix4D. “With our Enterprise solutions, Pix4D is committed to empower, help and support these organizations from any industry with integrating drone-based data into their operations”.

Pix4D enterprise solutions include:

Pix4Dengine: Build your own drone data applications and process multiple projects in parallel based on priorities and efficiency. Host it on your own server or host with us.

Flexible enterprise support plans: Contracts or minimum commitments aren’t needed. You pay on a per-month basis. Upgrade this month, downgrade the next. It’s that simple. Guaranteed response time by phone and email.

Consultancy & integration services: Don’t know how to make it happen? We can work with you to figure out the best way to go. And if required, even create it for you.

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