PIX4Dfields 1.12 Release

PIX4Dfields 1.12: Pan sharpening and more!

PIX4Dfields 1.12 introduces Pan sharpening for higher resolution images, annotation upload for share to PIX4Dcloud, and more.

The latest update for PIX4Dfields offers the Pan sharpening option for Micasense RedEdge-P and Altum-PT cameras, annotation upload to PIX4Dcloud, and new fixes and options to keep making work easier for PIX4Dfields users

Pan sharpening

High resolution images help get better crop insights. Getting a clearer and more detailed view of your field from above opens the door to more accurate crop monitoring and seeing beneath the surface. Early detection of weed infestations or identifying plant stress helps prevent yield loss. You can now use Pan sharpening for RedEdge-P and Altum-PT cameras.

See the improved clarity in this field of romaine lettuce with Pan sharpening before (left) and after (right)

Here is a palm tree plantation captured with a Rededge-P camera carried on a fixed-wing WingtraOne drone. After processing and applying pan sharpening with PIX4Dfields, there is a clearer view of the overall crop as well as each individual plan. PIX4Dfields is constantly being developed to get more detailed crop insights. Whether you want to better track the phenological stage of your crop or detect spatial patterns of plant diseases, pan-sharpening gives users more data than ever.

Palm tree plantation before Pan sharpening (left) and after (right)

Annotation upload for share to PIX4Dcloud

Here is a project from a canola field that was processed in PIX4Dfields. The annotations were used to indicate areas with weeds and plan a strategy for weed control.

annotations in drone map showing areas with weed
Annotations created in PIX4Dfields showing areas with weed in a canola field

You can now upload annotations to PIX4Dcloud with the share to PIX4Dcloud functionality. When sharing your project’s link you can also choose your link’s viewing settings (distinguish between Private view, Public view, and editing rights). Sharing outputs with share to PIX4Dcloud allows multiple stakeholders to have access to a complete view of your field, highlighting exactly what you are interested in investigating further.

Annotations in a drone map of a agriculture field on PIX4Dcloud
Annotations can now be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud with the Share to PIX4Dcloud functionality

Check out our demo project on PIX4Dcloud

MyJohnDeere compatible boundary export

It is now possible to draw or import your field’s boundary and export it to MyJohnDeere. Integrate outputs from PIX4Dfields with the control center of John Deere products. This allows growers to optimize how they use their smart tractors and application machines in their fields. The compatible boundary export means that the precision of a drone survey can easily be relayed to MyJohnDeere.

Boundaries on an drone map for agriculture
Import or draw field boundaries in PIX4Dfields

 Annotations in the John Deere platform
Export your field’s boundary to MyJohnDeere

PIX4Dfields is changing how smart agriculture can be used. It can make the difference between missing a crop affliction and catching it early. The new release brings more options and insights to farmers who want to use aerial maps to take their work to the next level.

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