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Parrot Bluegrass Fields, the digital farming solution

An end-to-end agricultural drone solution delivering insights to boost crop quality and maximize yields from Parrot and Pix4D.

The agriculture industry’s missing link

One thing has been missing from the current agriculture industry landscape: a complete end-to-end solution which delivers all the tools for digital agriculture in an efficient workflow.

Introducing: Parrot Bluegrass Fields

We have partnered with Parrot for a complete agricultural solution which incorporates the hardware required (the drone and the sensor) with Pix4Dfields software, but it takes it to the next level with the introduction of ParrotFields.

Parrot bluegrass fields solution
Parrot Bluegrass Fields: a complete end-to-end agriculture solution
“Parrot Bluegrass Fields makes it easier than ever before for professionals such as agronomists, farmers and researchers to map their fields, to scout crops from the air, and to act directly on the insights they gain.”
Jean-Thomas Celette, Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Parrot Business Solutions

Meet ParrotFields

What makes ParrotFields a game changer? The unique combination of features for quick and simple mapping and scouting.

By adding ParrotFields, a mobile app developed by the Pix4D team to simplify the entire in-field workflow, to the Parrot Bluegrass Fields bundle Pix4D and Parrot have created a unique end-to-end solution for digital agriculture.

ParrotFields combines flight planning, real-time mapping, enhanced ground scouting (with photos), video live-streaming and aerial scouting (with annotations - aerial scouting points for drones).

This hardware-mobile-software integration offers usability, repeatability of results, and will open the door to solving more real problems at scale in agricultural industry - for example how to improve efficiency of crop scouting.

With ParrotFields you can:

1. Enjoy fully automatic flights or fly manually over your crops
2. Generate NDVI maps in real-time during the flight
3. Compare NDVI maps to monitor the evolution of your crops on your mobile device
4. Explore areas of interest via unique semi-automated scouting flights
5. Capture photos and videos on-demand with the Parrot Skycontroller 2
6. Add value to the aerial data captured by adding text annotations and shooting photos with the app directly from the ground.

Own the future of digital farming

Parrot Bluegrass Fields is available for purchase now via official Parrot Business Solutions resellers. ParrotFields is currently available only within the Parrot Bluegrass Fields solution.

Future development

Pix4D continues to focus on solving the agriculture industry's biggest challenges and will expand its product portfolio and introduce new exciting features. Pix4D is committed to constant development so in the future you can expect continuous updates in Pix4Dfields that will translate into better decision making catered for agriculture.

Discover Parrot Bluegrass Fields
Complete end-to-end agriculture solution

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