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10 more reasons to join the Pix4D community

The Pix4D community has been refreshed! Running on a whole new platform, it’s faster, mobile-friendly, and a lot prettier.

To celebrate the changes, we’ve lined up 10 more reasons to join the new Pix4D community.

Chat to other users...

Strike up a conversation with some of the most interesting people in the surveying and mapping industry - your peers.

The Pix4D community is a place for users of all backgrounds and experience levels. You’ll find people who have built their livelihoods around the software, and occasional hobbyists. From the most specialized applications to simple projects - which aren’t so simple after all - other users have a wealth of experience to share.


...And Pix4Ders.

Pix4Ders use the community too! The same people who build the software and staff the support desk can also be found on the community.

Get inspired, and inspire others

Show your work by posting on the community! There’s a whole section dedicated to user projects - add yours now in the Pix4D Cafe.

Embed everything

Enrich your posts by embedding Pix4D Cloud projects, Sketchfab models, or even a snap from your company instagram. To embed a project in a post, just grab the ‘embed’ code and paste it in. It’s that simple.

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Earn badges

Now you can earn badges to show your level of knowledge of Pix4D or engagement with the community. Level up by posting more frequently and see at a glance if other users are super-users, staff or more.


Figure it out with real-world solutions from other users

Got a tricky situation? Post about it on the community, or dig through older posts to see if anyone has faced a similar issue in the past. You can even tag another user to get their attention.

There are very experienced people from all kinds of other disciplines who are willing to help and share their Pix4D knowledge and uses for their own businesses. These folks help me see and get a better-rounded perspective of efficient workflows.

Gary Lamantia Geo-Imaging Technologies

Show yourself in your user profile

With your refreshed user profile, you can upload a profile picture, link to your website, portfolio or LinkedIn (or all three!).

Enriched profiles make it easier to connect with others in the community, so keep them up to date.

If you were already a member of the Pix4D community, your profile is ready and waiting for you - you can log in here with your Pix4D account.


Get the latest news...

Stay up-to-date with the latest Pix4D updates and product news. It’s the place to hear more about the latest product releases, new features and more.


See the latest posts.

...And subscribe to topics, posts or even users

Get notified by email. Click next to a topic, post, or even user profiles to be alerted to any updates.

Community is everywhere

You are where your phone is. And that’s where you need your community. The refreshed Pix4D Community looks great on mobile, so you can update from the field.

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See what’s behind closed doors

By default, posts on the Pix4D Community are open to the world. But there’s also invite-only rooms where you can talk to other Certified Users, or Workshop Attendees. Who knows - you might even get an invite to a New Product Testing room…

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