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The power of LiDAR scanning and RTK precision in your hands

how vidoc RTK rover works

About the demo days

When performed by the Pix4D team directly, these live demo sessions can last about 2 hours, beginning with a short presentation by our expert team, then a demonstration of how to use the product and analyze the results, showcasing the whole workflow. Attendees will then get a chance to set-up the device for themselves, capture data, ask questions, and learn about the workflow.

Demos of the PIX4Dcatch RTK workflow with viDoc are also performed by the official resellers all over the world, in trade-shows, open days, and other ah-hoc events.

Contact us through this form and we'll connect you with a reseller in your region.

Upcoming events

DatePlaceLanguageJoin us
Oct 24UAV Demo Day 2023 - Timișoara, RO RomanianRegister now
Oct 25Halmstad - Sweden (with Skandinavian Drones) English/SwedishRegister now
Oct 27Stockholm - Sweden (with Skandinavian Drones) English/SwedishRegister now
Oct 30Oslo - Norway (with Skandinavian Drones) English/NorwegianRegister now
Nov 3Denmark TBD (with Skandinavian Drones) English/DanishRegister now
TBDSingapore - (with partner Easepect)EnglishContact
TBDSwitzerland - (with partner Fieldwork)EN/DE/FRContact us