Deductible from your 2022 taxes

tax deduction vidoc

Reminder - Good timing to purchase next level terrestrial and drone surveying technology

With Section 179 , you can deduct the "full price of qualified equipment purchases"! That means, if you're eligible, you could get the viDoc RTK rover or PIX4Dmatic OTC license and save money with your purchase. You can save up to a million dollars in tax savings.

The viDoc RTK rover attaches to select iOS and Android mobile devices to gather RTK data during terrestrial scanning. The new workflow provides centimeter accuracy and is fully certified by the Bureau Veritas.

Use the viDoc for construction and surveying projects, with applications including

  • Stockpile management
  • Single point measurement
  • Tracking site progress
  • Create accurate 3D models
  • Permanent proof-of-work records

With PIX4Dmatic, you can process LiDAR and photogrammetry data from the viDoc, and merge both datasets. Create accurate 2D and 3D outputs with PIX4Dmatic and use them as part of your site documentation.

Your outputs include:

  • Point clouds
  • Orthomosaic
  • DSM

and more! Discover the full workflow with the viDoc and PIX4Dmatic.

Take your terrestrial and drone mapping to the next level