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Accurately measure your rooftops with drones

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Measuring rooftops with traditional methods vs drones

Traditional methods

  • Hiring, transporting, and setting up heavy climbing and access equipment plus measuring the roof.

  • Planning and collecting the roof data can take a whole day.

  • Manual roof climbs are associated with risks of falling or injuries for the climbers.



  • Measuring with drones does not require any special equipment and can be deployed immediately.

  • A drone can typically capture a roof in 5 minutes.

  • Drone flights are autonomous and do not require humans climbing the roof to take measurements.

A simple and efficient workflow

Capture images with a drone

Quickly, automatically, and safely capture rooftops with a drone. The flight and capture process typically take less than 5 minutes.

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Import and measure

Import the images to Pix4D software and get an automatically generated, scaled, and measurable 3D model of your roof. Quickly measure your rooftop or calculate available space for solar panel installations.

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Export to solar panel software

Export the 3D model to your preferred PV Design and Simulation Software for further analysis. Pix4D's software is compatible with most well known third party solar panel software.

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Save time, increase accuracy, and improve the safety of your team

In a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods

Automated processing
Centimeter-accurate and fast measurements
Accurately measure your rooftops with up to 99.4% accuracy in a couple of minutes
Advanced analytics
Improved safety
Reduce the risk associated with roof climbs by using drones instead.
Automatic reports
Time savings
Save time by flying drones and by performing quick and hassle-free roof measurements on desktop or on cloud.

Why do you need accurate roof measurements?


Solar panel installations

Better plan the cost, time, and equipment needed for installation by accurately measuring your roof to estimate how many solar panels can be installed


Home maintenance and construction

A detailed 3D model will tell you the exact location of all roof elements to accurately plan and implement your building/renovation project

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