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Parrot Sequoia+

The multispectral sensor for precision agriculture mapping

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Sequoia+ knows agriculture

Thanks to Pix4D software the Parrot Sequoia+ becomes the first commercial multispectral camera to provide absolute reflectance measurements without the need for reflectance targets.

The Sequoia+ multispectral camera
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Discover Parrot Sequoia+

Pix4D knows Sequoia+

Sequoia+ captures information from both visible and invisible light, providing better data to monitor your crop health.

Sequoia key benefit index maps

Index maps

4 multispectral sensors to generate a variety of predefined and custom index maps

Sequoia key benefit Pix4D software compatibility

Compatibility with Pix4D

Leverage the full radiometric and geometric accuracy of the camera.

Sequoia key benefit radiometrically precise

Radiometrically precise

Avoid contiguous band contamination with narrow discrete Red, Green, Red-Edge, and Near-Infrared bands.

Sequoia key benefit targetless enabled

Targetless enabled

Get a more consistent evaluation of collected data and improve your user experience by removing the need for a reflectance target.

Sequoia key benefit targetless enabled

The Sunshine Sensor

Correcting for illumination in differences on real time.

Sequoia key benefit Built for every drone

Designed for agriculture

Fixed-wing or quadcopter, integrate Sequoia+ on your platform.

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The importance of using Pix4D with Sequoia+

Pix4D targetless workflow RayCloud Vufflens

Technical paper

Parrot Sequoia+ offers more consistent data evaluation thanks to Pix4D's radiometric processing pipeline.

User experience is improved by removing the need for a radiometric calibration target.

Read our peer-reviewed technical article.

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Precise data for accurate results

Visualise & understand the crop health by using accurate vegetation indices.

vegetation index map

Monitor the evolution of a crop (propagation of a disease or the effect of a treatment).

orthomosaic map

Generate management zones and track progress of seeding efforts.

Zonation map

Optimise fertiliser strategies to improve overall productivity.

perscription map output

Get more details about irrigation variability and pinpoint erosion-prone areas.

digital surface model

Using multispectral cameras in agriculture

Pineapple fields in Mexico

Maximizing crop production using drone mapping

Learn how a Mexican drone company helps local pineapple farmers reduce their operational cost by 30% and increase their gains with precision agriculture software.

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Coffee production in Chittagong Hill Tracts

Measuring how climate change impacts agriculture

Climate change is already affecting our world, and remote and inaccessible areas are some of the most at risk. Learn how drones help assess the damage to agriculture.

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Drones helped in mapping Hawaiis volcano erruption in minutes

Using NDVI imagery to optimize the ROI of fungicides

Learn how a custom variable-rate prescription map created with Parrot Sequoia+ and Pix4D software helps fight white mold and boost seasons profits.

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Parrot Sequoia+ is fully compatible with:

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Monitor efficiently your crop health