HERO Pix4Dbim


Get the data you need to track progress on your site


Georeferenced and scaled 2D orthophotos in high resolution, ideal for site visualization and measurements

Export formats: GeoTiff (.tif)

2D orthomosaic output

3D point cloud

Densified 3D point clouds to get the most accurate 3D representation of your site

Export formats: .las, .laz, .xyz, .ply

3D point cloud with Pix4Dbim construction mapping software

Classified point cloud

Automatic classification of the points into groups such as points road surface, building roofs, trees

Export formats: .las, .laz

Pix4Dbim outputs Classified point cloud

3D textured mesh

Highly visual 3D textured mesh perfect for communication and client updates

Export formats: .obj, .ply, .dxf, .fbx, .pdf, .osgb, .slpk

Pix4Dbim outputs 3D textured mesh

Digital surface model (DSM)

Visualization of the elevation and terrain in 2D to understand the shape of the land surface

Export formats: GeoTiff (.tif), .las, .laz, .xyz

Pix4Dbim outputs Digital surface model

Digital terrain model (DTM)

Filtering out all the objects like buildings, useful for terrain analysis

Export formats: GeoTiff (.tif)

Pix4Dbim outputs Output DTM

Contour map

Useful in design and earthwork phase to get simplified land surface representation

Export formats: .shp, .dxf, .pdf

Pix4Dbim outputs contour map
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