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Precise data for accurate results

Thanks to Pix4D’s radiometric processing pipeline, Parrot Sequoia+ camera allows for a more consistent evaluation of collected data and improves the user experience.

The full radiometric calibration is automatic when processing the data with Pix4Dfields, which reduces mistakes due to human error, saves operational time, and results in accurate reflectance measurements.

Pix4D have conducted several scientific studies to verify the correctness and accuracy of their radiometric correction algorithms and Sequoia's data. Those studies have been published as peer-reviewed scientific papers. For more, check out one of our many Sequoia use cases.

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Benefits of using Parrot Sequoia+

fixed wing and quadcopter drones
From R&D standpoint
  • Precise reflectance factor measurements when using the Pix4D pipeline as demonstrated in scientific papers.
  • The sunshine sensor together with Pix4D's advanced radiometric processing allows it to correct for downwelling irradiance without additional calibration.
  • Improved user experience and less mistakes due to human error thanks to removing the need for a reflectance target.
  • The small size makes it easy to use and integrate, no need for large drones.
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From agriculture standpoint
  • Sequoia+ can be added to most platforms (fixed-wing or quadcopter) with an integration kit.
  • 4 precise multispectral sensors to generate a variety of predefined and custom index maps.
  • Multispectral bands are able to detect chlorophyll in plant leaves helping determine nitrogen applications.
  • The sensor is able to be calibrated in fully sunny or cloudy situations, enabling more flight time and better results.
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Peer-reviewed scientific publications

Research paper: Assessment of the radiometric accuracy in a targetless workflow using Pix4D Software

Assessment of the radiometric accuracy in a targetless workflow using Pix4D Software

Authors: M. Cubero-Castan, K. Schneider-Zapp, M. Bellomo, D. Shi, M. Rehak, and C. Strecha

First Public presentation: 9th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing, (WHISPERS), 2018

Read the research paper
Parrot Sequoia camera

A new method to determine multi-angular reflectance factor from lightweight multispectral cameras with sky sensor in a target-less workflow applicable to UAV

Authors: K. Schneider-Zapp, M. Cubero-Castan, D. Shi, and C. Strecha

First Public presentation:Remote Sensing of Environment 229, 60-68

Read the research paper

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