IMA INS Telecom

Intelligent digital twins at scale for the telecom industry

Extract information from your digital replica to save time and improve profitability

Use drones to make the process faster and safer with better results

Skip the manual climb and diagrams - work with drone imagery instead.

automatic image capture
Faster data collection
Work faster in the field by cutting data collection time with automatic flight plans.
assset inventory
Automated asset inventory
Get an automatic record of tower assets thanks to AI-powered algorithms that start the work for you.
lower inspection time
Cut inspection time
Reduce the time spent on asset inspection thanks to built-in tools streamlining your workflow.

PIX4Dinspection - webinar streamlining telecom inspections


In this webinar, we have teamed up with Motorola Solutions to discuss how digital twins are adding tremendous value to their work by improving inspection efficiency and safety, which is accelerating decision making.

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How does it change my workflow?

cell tower owner

Tower owners, telecom corporations

  • Have an up-to-date record of your towers, wherever they are in the world. See what equipment you have installed, and what space you have available to rent.

  • Improve profitability of assets through having accurate records.

cell tower engineer

Tower engineers, antenna manufacturers

  • Easily audit assets with accurate measurements of the tower structures and the equipment. Avoid return trips to the tower and missing field data by having all the necessary information on the digital twin.

  • Plan the roll out of 5G, and confirm the placement of new equipment thanks to detailed measurements on your digital replica.

cell tower technician

Technicians, pilots, drone service providers

  • There’s no need for an inspection climb anymore, just use a drone to complete a 20-minute flight around the tower, antenna or rooftop, gathering all the data you need.

  • Inspect more towers in a day thanks to saving time on inspections.

Telecom asset inspections at scale

Highlight: Powered by AI

We use more than 10 ground-breaking AI algorithms to automatically identify and measure assets on a telecom tower, so your inventory gets updated automatically before you’ve even looked at the model.

  • Automatically detect antenna angle, azimuth, and downtilt
  • Automatic inventories list your assets during processing, streamlining your workflow.
  • Open your model after processing to find the inspection already started by AI measurements and assessments
cell tower antenna

Step 1: Data collection

Anyone can be the pilot. You don’t need photogrammetry experience because we have automated flight plans to get the data for you.

  • PIX4Dscan is user-friendly, with specially designed flights to get the right data in as few images as possible
  • Cut inspection times by over 75% by using a 20-minute drone flight and improve your overall operational efficiency, boosting your profits.
  • Native integration with PIX4Dinspect means the transfer between data collection and processing is made straightforward.
drone flight app for industrial inspection

Step 2: Processing

Our solutions provide scalability, so that you can work less and achieve more. Reviewing thousands of images is tedious and inefficient, so we use the smallest possible number of images.

  • After collection, the data is uploaded to PIX4Dinspect, where as few a 250 images can provide an intelligent Digital Twin.
  • Asset digitalization is rapidly completed as PIX4Dinspect uses cloud-powered processing to share details.
  • No people power is required for processing and analyzing the data - results are available in a few hours, rather than days.
online platform for industrial inspection and asset management

Step 3: Acting on data and saving money

Costs are saved thanks to improved operational efficiency and increased profitability. Spend less time in the field and more time acting on your data.

  • Use 250 images rather than 2,500 for a model with the Master Camera tool extracting the key images required.
  • Thanks to inspecting fewer images, the overall inspection time is reduced by 80%.
  • Automatically detect ancillary boxes, as well as panel and microwave antennas. Measurement are made by AI, ensuring precision.
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Our solution for tower inspection projects


PIX4Dscan is a user-friendly flight app with specific flight plans for capturing data for a tower. Entirely scalable, a typical inspection will take just 20 to 30 minutes.

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PIX4Dinspect is the cloud-based inspection software that uses AI to automatically detect and measure antennas. This is ideal for rolling out 5G, as assets can be assessed for space and outdated cellular technology by TowerCos.

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PIX4Dcatch, our mobile device app, can accurately scan the ground around a tower to give detailed measurements of ground-level obstructions, damage, or low-lying equipment.

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streamline telecom inspections

When less is more: streamlining telecom inspections

Nowadays, tower companies need fast, accurate, and comprehensive understandings of their assets. Discover how PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dinspect take your inspection workflows to the next level.

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antennas on cell tower

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Automating rooftop antenna inspections

Drones can reach places people can’t, and far more safely. Discover how SMC automated their antenna inspection workflows with drones and PIX4Dinspect.

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How machine learning automates telecom asset inspection

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