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Get situational awareness in minutes with PIX4Dreact,
the optimal fast-mapping software for disaster response.

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In a crisis, every second counts


Fast and precise

PIX4Dreact creates accurate 2D maps from drone images in minutes. Get reliable information when you need it most.

simple workflow

Simple workflow

Created in collaboration with emergency responders, PIX4Dreact is easy to use even for people with no mapping experience.


Lightweight and robust

You don't have to rely on computer power or internet connection. PIX4Dreact can create accurate maps on mid-range laptops in the field.

Get 2D drone maps in minutes


Fly your drone to capture the images you need.

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Create accurate 2D orthomosaic maps in minutes while in the field, using Pix4Dreact fast-stiching technology.

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Identify and measure points of interest instantly, mark and evaluate your maps to provide the data needed to take action.

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Export and share your maps, location data and annotations with the first aid teams and decision makers.

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Respond immediately to the evolving situation.

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“PIX4Dreact will likely become the multipurpose standard 2D fast-mapping and scene documentation application for municipalities, states, and federal organizations.”

Jennifer Pidgen Sundance Media Group

“PIX4Dreact is the benchmark for emergency operational mapping. Using drones is good, but enhancing the information captured by a drone using Pix4D and GIS is even better."”

Bastien Alorent SAS Drone Process

“PIX4Dreact can be of great value to the humanitarian aid community in need of a simple yet powerful mapping solution that can work everywhere, especially where internet is not available.”

Joseph Muhlhausen WeRobotics

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In a crisis, every second counts

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