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When accuracy and data security count

Unparalleled accuracy

PIX4Dmapper creates precise digital twins of the scenes and provides court-ready 3D documentation with high precision and sub-centimetre accuracy.

Trusted by the experts

PIX4Dmapper is the most established and trusted desktop photogrammetry software, and is trusted by accident reconstructionists and crime scene investigators worldwide.

Save time with data control

Scenes are changeable and data collection is sometimes rushed. PIX4Dmapper provides comprehensive tools to create accurate scene reproduction even if the data isn’t perfect.

Chain of custody compliant

PIX4Dmapper is a stand alone product that processes imagery evidence offline and locally on a computer, without sharing data to the cloud. The outputs can be used in the courtroom, or be imported into additional software tools for further processing.

Trusted by professionals

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Being able to utilize the 3D model from the drone has assisted in multiple fire & life safety inspections and preplans. Oftentimes we are unable to get the overall picture due to limited access of the property until we see the 3D model.”

Douglas Gardner, Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention

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