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What we offer

Fast & offline insights

Fast & offline insights

Get maps of your fields and crops in minutes and at any stage, using satellite and/or drone imagery.

Prescription maps

Ready-to-use prescription maps

From images to insights, create crop health maps, field reports, spot spraying, and prescription maps to use directly with your machinery.


Easy sharing

Share your data via PIX4Dcloud as PDF reports and in industry standard formats.

What our users say

Digital Agro

“PIX4Dfields is simple to use and has a lot of possibilities for applications. It is constantly being updated with new, useful functionalities that bring additional value”

Ana Postek
Digital Agro
Northern Innovation

“I was just amazed at the speed of the processing. I can work offline, so I can take pictures with the drone and process them on the spot. Another important point is that it can be used even on a PC with low specs.”

Mr. Muikaichi,
Northern Innovation

“PIX4Dfields is the easiest and the most practical software to create prescriptions based on the plant health maps. We use the software to execute variable rate applications, which we are the first ones to achieve in Turkey.”

Nergistepe Tarım Makinaları,
Paksoy Technical Solutions

Hybrid drone and satellite mapping software for aerial crop analysis and precision agriculture

Surveying & mapping

Define zones for variable rate applications based on crop health analysis with drone or satellite data

Subsurface infrastructures

Use AI to identify weeds and other areas of interest for precision application