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Digitize your crops with PIX4Dfields,
the reliable in-field drone software enabling agriculture mapping.

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Scale agriculture mapping to your fields

Instant process field images taken from drones

No limitations

Use images from any drone or UAV, captured with RGB or selected multispectral cameras. Get critical insights regardless of cloud coverage.

Mark areas of interest

Eliminate guesswork

Create and analyze maps with full resolution in minutes for faster decision making, without leaving the field and or an internet connection.

sustainable agriculture

Farm smarter, not harder

Save valuable time and money, and contribute towards advancing eco-friendly practices with precision agriculture.

From crop data to farm insights

Analyze field data in real time

Create maps instantly

Process imagery with the PIX4Dfields instant processing engine and achieve results in minutes, either in-office or in-field. No internet connection required.

Compare progress over time

Link different layers of information and compare your crop trends over time in a split or double screen.

Scout your farm and target your inputs


Zonate and prescribe

Plan site-specific fertilizer and crop protection applications, depending on plant needs.

Measure and annotate

Easily measure an area or several areas at a time. Add annotations or import GPS tagged images as geolocated annotations directly on the layer.

Increase your productivity and team collaboration

Manage your trial plots

Calculate mean and standard deviation for DSM and index layers as well as for area annotations.

pdf export

Share and collaborate

Share your maps with all project stakeholders and team for seamless collaboration using PIX4Dfields export tool.

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“Processing speed coupled with great analytics, creates a product that brings true value to the customers. No other software can achieve this level of efficiency.”

Nicholaus Helwig
Pinpoint Aerial Solutions (USA)
Coatza Drone

“The speed of processing algorithms helps to make the scouting more efficient coupled with the tools that complement the software, making it very versatile to use.”

Álvaro Ruiz Molano,
Coatza Drone (Mexico)

“With the GSD control feature in PIX4Dfields, users can now choose the maximum file size for the orthomosaics, which gives us the freedom to specify the level of detail we want to see while still keeping the processing speed at a high level.”

Mr. Suetsugu,
Fukuokakyushu-KUBOTA (Japan)

“What differentiates PIX4Dfields is the processing speed, data output quality, the index library, and the capability to get radiometric and sun corrections of input. In terms of precision agriculture, Pix4Dfields is the best of the best.”

José Alfredo Dávila González,
Azulda (Mexico)
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Trusted by

  • Indigo
  • Deveron
  • Kws
  • Resson

Trusted by

  • Indigo
  • Deveron
  • Kws
  • Resson
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