The secret to measuring material piles: the right tools
When a stockpile is worth millions, small measurement errors add up to huge misjudgements. Photogrammetry can help.
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The latest Pix4Dbim updates
New product updates to Pix4Dbim make it easier than ever to visualize, measure, and document the progress of your construction site.
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large scale thermal map created using drones
How big is too big to map with drones?
How big is too big to map with drones? One team captured 260 square kilometers and created a map from more than 140,000 images.
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An immersive VR experience built with photogrammetry
Tropical Jeju Island is a beloved tourist destination. Virtual reality is bringing it to an even wider audience.
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Pix4D annouces 6th office in Tokyo
Kon'nichiwa Tokyo! Pix4D opens 6th office
The new office in Shibuya, Tokyo, will better serve the needs of new and existing customers.
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Pix4D Crop Insurance Flooding in Iowa HERO
Using drone mapping for crop insurance
Floods or pest damage can decimate a season’s profits. Drone flights can provide rapid and accurate assessment for insurance compensation.
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Award-winning work in mapping water temperatures
As groundwater seeps into the ocean, it can carry pollutants. Thermal mapping with Pix4D can reveal the source of the groundwater discharge.
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10 more reasons to attend the Pix4D User Conference
Pix4D users are the stars of the Pix4D User Conference. Meet the people who will lead the discussion on the latest tech.
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Precision agriculture on-demand with Pix4D Fusion
When a crop is damaged, there's no time to waste. The Pix4D Fusion program offers precision agriculture on-demand.
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Crane Camera solution for construction monitoring
Join us for a free webinar on the Pix4D Crane Camera solution - a fully autonomous alternative to drones in construction.
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Rebuild ready: 3D mapping a quake-damaged Cathedral
Surveying a damaged building can be dangerous. Mapping using drones reduces risk to staff and costs to the community.
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Photogrammetry training with Pix4D
The top 7 benefits of Pix4D training
Powerful software can come with a learning curve. Get up to speed faster with training from Pix4D.
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