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Introducing Pix4Dcloud & Pix4Dcloud Advanced

Pix4Dcloud is now a standalone product and offers a more powerful platform with Pix4Dcloud Advanced.

We are excited to announce Pix4Dcloud - a mapping platform for online surveying workflows and site monitoring. Pix4Dcloud replaces the previous Pix4Dmapper Cloud and Pix4Dbim Cloud and offers better functionality.

Work only on the cloud

Both Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced are standalone cloud products that can be purchased on top of any Pix4D product. They differ in their functionality: the right tool for you depends on your needs and workflows.

Equivalent to former Pix4Dmapper Cloud
  • 2D and 3D view
  • Measurement and annotations
  • Elevation profile
  • Volume calculation
  • Virtual Inspector
  • Sharing
  • NDVI maps
Instant data analysis with construction management software
Pix4Dcloud Advanced
Equivalent to former Pix4Dbim Cloud

All Pix4Dcloud features, plus:

  • Timeline
  • AutoGCPs
  • 2D comparison
  • Volume comparison
  • Overlay tool

See full feature comparison table.

A refreshed more powerful interface

Everything in one place on the drive

All your projects and datasets are now in one place: the drive. Organize your data more efficiently and find what you need in less time displaying only sites or datasets.

Organize annotations into groups

Your annotations, overlays, GCPs, and datasets are automatically grouped, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Hide all group layers with a click, or create multiple annotation groups and easily move annotations between them.

Improved 2D comparison feature

On Pix4Dcloud Advanced, in comparison mode, the timeline has been removed to offer you a better view of your site. Instead, you’ll see the previous dataset on the left of the screen and can move through dates using the calendar. Plus, annotations are now displayed by default. Check out the new comparison mode, even without a Pix4D account.

More functionality with AutoGCPs

With Pix4Dcloud Advanced you can now process your projects with GCPs directly on the cloud. There is no need to pinpoint the exact center of each target in every image because an algorithm will do this task for you - by automatically and accurately marking them. Check out our article for more details about AutoGCPs and how it works.

Greater flexibility

Until now, Pix4Dbim was offered only as a bundle that included both desktop and cloud.

With Pix4Dcloud Advanced, you can get only what you need.

Choose Pix4Dcloud Advanced if you only need cloud processing or a bundle of Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dcloud Advanced for seamless integration between cloud and desktop processing.

The Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dcloud Advanced bundle is the equivalent to the former Pix4Dbim license, but the cloud comes with a new interface and more features. For more information, check out our FAQ.

Discover Pix4Dcloud
Map, measure, monitor and document your site

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