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PIX4Dinspect and PIX4Dscan in 2022 - a year in review

Your round-up for PIX4Dinspect and PIX4Dscan in 2022! From new AI to new languages, there were loads of changes. Discover them now.

##PIX4Dinspect: AI-powered Digital Twin platform for industrial inspection and asset management

Streamline future planning

Knowing the available space to rent on a tower is critically important for a tower owner. Thanks to PIX4Dinspect’s AI algorithms, you can now visualize and plan new inventory installations on your existing tower on the software. This way you can determine available lease capacity and increase the profitability of your tower.

In addition, with this new tool, you can better plan the installation process by sharing the correct position and orientation of the new inventory item with the installer with the click of a button.

Manually adding new inventory items for better planning

You can now add new inventory items yourself for better planning. How does it work? Simply go to the top right corner of the image viewer and select the icon Manually add new inventory items. You can then add the specifications of the new inventory item you want to see, and press Done. You can also select the status of your inventory item so you can have all assets better organized. To do so, go to the bottom of the inventory item dialog box and in the field Status, select from the dropdown menu one of the following: Active, Inactive, or Future installation.

Automating rust detection with AI

PIX4Dinspect AI algorithms can automatically detect rust on any surface type, including antenna supports, bolts, different structures, and more. The software will color the rusted areas in red and the not-infected ones in white, giving you a representative visualization of the rust directly on the 3D model.

Automatically detecting rust

How does it work? Go to the Intelligent Digital Twin tab on the left and enable Rust, and the software will do the rest.

Automatic rooftop measurements

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence algorithms in PIX4Dinspect, rooftops can automatically be measured with the Roof segmentation AI plugin. It recognizes, measures, and annotates rooftop faces and obstacles so you don’t have to manually do the work.

How can you use it? When creating a new project, select “Rooftop” as an asset type and make sure that the Rooftop segmentation box is checked in the third step of project creation, as shown in the video above.

Automatic rooftop measurements on PIX4Dinspect

Streamlining collaboration

Collaborating with teams and stakeholders is now even easier than before. You can share links to specific annotations or measurements instead of the whole project so that you highlight only what is needed.

Once you create the resource that you would like to share with a team member or someone outside of your organization, click the Share button, right under the annotation name. Click “Enable Share”, and type in the email address of the collaborator and your message to them. The collaborator will receive an email with the link to the shared resource which will give them view-only access for that particular annotation/measurement.

Automatic rooftop measurements on PIX4Dinspect

PIX4Dscan: Professional drone flight app for optimal inspection data

Network RTK support for highly accurate flights

The Network RTK support is available for both the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and the DJI Phantom 4 RTK. This allows you to get up to centimeter-level accuracy when flying with PIX4Dscan and one of these drones.

For more information about how to activate the Network RTK, read our technical support documentation.

The Helix - automated flight mission for cell tower

The Helix is an automated flight mission designed to capture cell towers when no obstacles are present. It replaces one cylinder and multiple orbit missions, making the data capture time more efficient. The Helix mission also improves the quality of the digital twins.

For more information about the Helix mission, please read our technical support documentation.

Improved mobile and drone support!

Thanks to the hard work by our development team this year, PIX4Dscan is now available not only for tablets but also for mobile devices, and can be found on both Apple store and Google play.

In addition, PIX4Dscan is now compatible with the Parrot Anafi AI on iOS devices, which was released this year. The Parrot Anafi AI is the first 4G connected drone and presents many exciting opportunities for telecom infrastructure inspections and management!


This year we continued our efforts to localize our software to give you the best experience with it in your preferred language. Below you can see all available languages for PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dinspect.

Streamline your inspections and asset management with PIX4Dinspect
AI-powered Digital Twin platform for industrial inspection and asset management

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