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Wrapping up inspection in 2021: what changed & what’s new

In 2021 PIX4Dinspect & PIX4Dscan got even better offering you a variety of new functionalities to improve your daily work.

The past year we’ve been busy improving both PIX4Dinspect and PIX4Dscan, so we want to show you the most impactful changes. Read on and learn more about what we have been working on.


Automatic detection of ancillary boxes

Thanks to the AI algorithms in PIX4Dinspect, ancillary boxes are now automatically detected and added to the Asset Inventory where users can customize specific fields such as the model name and dimensions.

Ancillary boxes automatic detection in PIX4Dinspect
Automatic detection of Ancillary boxes in PIX4Dinspect

Streamlining reports

  • Simplified report generation - you can generate reports directly from the user interface, making it easier to download and share reports with team members and stakeholders. To generate your report, simply click “Report PDF” on the top right corner of the user interface.
  • Measurements on the report - all measurements and metadata are displayed in the report, including the description, to make sure your reporting is complete.

New asset type - transmission tower

Now you can select transmission tower as an asset type when creating a new asset or a new project. This will give you more flexibility and allow you to better organize your inspections. To improve the quality of your intelligent digital twins, our processing is now optimized for transmission towers.

Inspecting transmission towers is critical for ensuring the safety and reliability of the transmission lines. With PIX4Dinspect you can maintain your powerlines by easily checking the status of individual powerlines for faults and defects. PIX4Dinspect can also help you comply with different regulations such as environmental or governmental regulations, and offer you a digital inventory of your existing assets.

Transmission towers in PIX4Dinspect
Inspecting a transmission tower in PIX4Dinspect

Manual inventory items: colineal antenna, yagi antenna and mount

To allow for better categorization of your inspection items, colineal antenna, yagi antenna and mount can be manually added to the inventory items. The different types of inventory items are displayed on the left panel showing only existing inventory categories.

Manual inventory items in PIX4Dinspect

Image info bar displayed under every image

To make your inspection even more effective, under every image captured, you can now see the additional image information such as:

  • Camera model ;
  • Gimbal pitch of the camera;
  • Azimuth - especially useful for the new line of sight orbit which PIX4Dscan produces, to easily identify the direction at which an image is pointing;
  • Date - the date the capture was done. And more parameters are to come.
Info bar under every image
Info bar under every image

PIX4Dinspect is multilingual!

To improve your experience, we are supporting PIX4Dinspect in different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Japanese. To select your preferred language, simply click on the top right and select Languages from the dropdown.

Integrate with PIX4Dinspect through API and embed capabilities

You can do more than just use PIX4Dinspect. Take advantage of our algorithms and integrate PIX4Dinspect into your application. Access PIX4Dinspect’s features and tools through the API or incorporate PIX4Dinspect into your own system. Find out more in our API documentation.

And that’s not all

  • To make your asset inventory better organized, Inventory items are ordered by their altitude.
  • Download input images and outputs from the user interface. Select what output you need, whether you want to download the image map, elevation map, 3D model, textured 3D model, or the input images. Get your download with just the click of a button
  • 3 attempts to upload a project in the first 15 days - Data Data capture with PIX4Dscan ensures the best results after processing in PIX4Dinspect. To support trial users, we provide 3 attempts to upload the data per project without affecting the data allowance limit. (Read our policy conditions for more information). Remember to select which of the three projects will be your main as others are not shown in the main menu, although still accessible.
  • UX improvement for better usability and productivity - in the past year, we have worked on different UX improvements to make your user experience better and smoother, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.


PIX4Dscan is available on Android

This year PIX4Dscan, our dedicated drone flight app for inspection, was released for Android. Now you can select pre-planned missions for vertical and horizontal structures on both iOS and Android devices. *Please note that at the moment PIX4Dscan is only available for tablets.

PIX4Dscan is multilingual too!

As we said before, we want to improve your experience, and that’s why we have translated both PIX4Dinspect & PIX4Dscan into different languages to give you smoother workflows. You can start flying with PIX4Dscan in English, Japanese, French, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

PIX4Dscan is multilingual

Interested to see what’s coming in 2022?

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