HEA BLO INS PIX4Dscan PIX4Dinspect February release

The latest inspection release: February

The latest release of PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dinspect comes with a new flying mission, improved project creation wizard, and more.

Discover the most recent updates for PIX4Dscan - the flight planning app tailored for inspection and PIX4Dinspect - the online platform for scalable visual inspections and asset management with intelligent digital twins. Scroll down to learn what’s new.

New flight mission for Cell Towers - the Helix

To make your drone flying experience with PIX4Dscan even better, we have created the Helix mission. It is made for capturing cell towers when no obstacles are present. This new mission replaces one cylinder and multiple orbits missions, cutting your capturing time to make your workflows more efficient.

That’s not all! The Helix mission also improves the quality of the digital twins, especially when specific drones such as the DJI Mavic 2 Pro are used.

Ancillary boxes automatic detection in PIX4Dinspect
The Helix mission on PIX4Dscan flight app

How does it work?

The Helix mission is automated so you don’t have to do anything more than take the reference of the tower and define a few settings such as minimum height and mission radius. For more information, read our technical support documentation.

Remember that if obstacles such as vegetation, trees, buildings, or guy lines are present on your cell tower, then for better results, use the cylinder and multiple orbit missions instead.

Ancillary boxes automatic detection in PIX4Dinspect
How the Helix mission works

PIX4Dscan supports the Parrot Anafi AI on iOS

PIX4Dscan is now compatible with the Parrot Anafi AI on iPad. Thanks to PIX4Dscan, Parrot Anafi AI and PIX4Dinspect, creating digital twins and performing virtual inspection - have never been easier. Find out more about the Parrot Anafi AI drone.

Improved project creation wizard on PIX4Dinspect

The project creation wizard has been improved to make your project creations easier. After selecting your project images, they are represented on a map so that it's easier to identify if the wrong images were selected or if there are mixed images from different assets.

If the asset doesn't exist, it is easy to select a location for it thanks to the image location on the map. In the case of an existing asset around the area of the images, it will appear on the map and it can be directly selected using its marker.

Project creation wizard on PIX4Dinspect

Automatic image selection for Tower inventory items on PIX4Dinspect

With the help of the new AI algorithm, a relevant image for each Tower inventoryt iteam is automatically selected to help you catalogue your inventory. You don’t have to select and adjust the zooming and framing yourself anymore - our Tower inventory AI plugin will do all the job instead to save you more time and optimize your workflows.

On top of that, as soon as your project is processed, a PDF report can be generated, featuring complete information and a visual representation of inventory items without any manual input.

Project creation wizard on PIX4Dinspect

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