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Introducing Pix4D Fusion

Meet Pix4D Fusion: a flexible membership program for end-to-end agricultural drone mapping solutions.

Agriculture and agricultural technology are undergoing a digital transformation. Our thinking needs to transform too.

As our friend and Pix4Dfields power user Nic from Pinpoint Aerial Solutions said recently “Once I started looking at fields as large data sets rather than just plants, this allowed me to gain an analytical insight into farming.”

By looking at crops from an analytical point of view the standard farm workflow becomes more focused and more streamlined.

The value of digital farming is in more than just adapting to the new precision agriculture trends. It takes a holistic approach to farms and crops to unlock the potential of sustainability as well as effective decision making.

Increasing crop yields and saving money is always a plus, but making savings while getting better quality yields and improving your farm health is priceless.

Our new end-to-end agricultural solution: Pix4D Fusion

Achieving a full end-to-end agricultural solution means combining different pieces of a fragmented workflow - and these pieces are usually offered separately. Plus, the risks inherent in any investment can seem greater when choosing a new technology, especially when the ROI is unclear.

Without proper training and enough information, the value of the new agricultural technologies can be very challenging to grasp and implement.

Pix4D Fusion
Checking the results of digital scouting in Pix4Dfields - software part of Pix4D Fusion

With that thought in mind and with the need for adapting to the agricultural digitalization, we wanted to create a membership program where we would bundle all the parts of a digital agriculture workflow and make them easily accessible to the end user.

We are happy to announce the launch of Pix4D Fusion - a program offering flexible membership to an end-to-end agriculture drone mapping solution.

How does Pix4D Fusion work?

Pix4D Fusion is a membership program which gives you access to digital agricultural technology, without expensive set-up costs or a long-term commitment.

First, select a bundle which best meets your needs. Each bundle comes equipped with the following:

  • Agricultural drone
  • RGB or a multispectral camera
  • Flight planning app: ParrotFields, Pix4Dcapture
  • Advanced field mapping software: Pix4Dfields

Once you select a bundle, you can also choose the duration of your membership. Sign up for one, three, six or twelve months.

The benefits of Pix4D Fusion

With every drone and agricultural software bundle we wanted to make sure you are covered each step of the way, so the program includes:

  • Expert training
  • Dedicated support
  • Pix4D Fusion Portal for managing your own customers
  • Low-cost access to the latest drone hardware and software

Coming soon to a field near you

Pix4D Fusion is currently available only in selected EU countries but we are working on expanding the program to the other parts of the world in the near future.

To check if you are eligible for the program please go to the Pix4D Fusion contact form. If you are interested but are currently not eligible for the program, please fill out the form and select your country under the field ‘other.’

Ready to get started?

Interested in trying the future of digital agriculture on your farm? Take the first step and discover Pix4D Fusion.

Discover Pix4D Fusion
Find your perfect solution now.

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