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Distributed inspection to keep the 5G roll-out rolling

Good connectivity has never been more important. Cell tower technicians have a vital role to play.

5G means a faster, more reliable internet connection. It also means more cell towers need to be built, and existing towers upgraded.

In a time when we’re being asked to #stayathome, Pix4D is proud to share a new visual inspection workflow. The distributed visual inspection model can help keep the 5G roll-out rolling while reducing risk to your team.

What is a distributed visual inspection?

Traditional visual inspection is literally hands-on. Workers scale towers (or buildings, or other infrastructure), taking photos and making notes. It’s a time-consuming and risky business.

visual inspection of a cell tower using a drone
Drones are capable to reach places that are dangerous, or even impossible to approach by inspection teams.

Drone mapping for visual inspection is a step in the right direction. Now, a team of inspectors and trucks full of gear is reduced to one or two people and a drone.

A distributed visual inspection takes things one step further.

A more traditional visual inspection may require you to deploy a drone team from a central location and ask them to risk traveling long distances in these challenging times. Perform a distributed visual inspection and you give drone pilots that are already in the area the go-ahead to capture images.

One pilot, a single drone, and a distributed team of inspectors working anywhere in the world can keep your services running.

Distributed visual inspection workflow

cell tower inspector

Equip one person on the ground
protective helmet

No travel means no extra risks incurred
upload data to the cloud

Upload images to a central platform
inspection using all kind of devices

Inspect from anywhere in the world
share easily the results

Share results and keep the 5G roll-out rolling

The professional Pix4Dscan app can be downloaded onto an iPhone or iPad and comes complete with mission plans designed to capture optimal data.

Even beginners can safely fly a drone with a few taps to their iOS devices.

Once the flight is complete, the images can be uploaded remotely to Pix4Dinspect.

The resulting 3D model can be reviewed from anywhere in the world. Pix4Dinspect is cloud-based, secure, and always scalable so it can grow with you.

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The benefits of distributed work

Remote work is something the business community as a whole is rapidly coming to appreciate. Distributed work leverages the benefits of remote work so that teams can continue to work together from anywhere.

Instead of requiring your workers to be in a single office, a single city, or even a single country, with distributed work, you can collaborate with people all over the world.

  • Bring the best people onto your team, regardless of their location
  • Take advantage of time differences: as the US team logs off for the night, the Australian team can log on for continuous coverage
  • If one team is interrupted, others can pick up the slack seamlessly

The right tools for the job

As the public’s enthusiasm for 5G has demonstrated, the right tools make a tough job easier. Pix4Dscan contains tools designed specifically for the telecom industry to capture data for accurate and dense 3D models.

Pix4Dinspect includes AI algorithms that automatically detect panel antennas and extract the key information you need during a 5G roll-out.

Pix4Dinspect provides detailed information about each panel antenna’s azimuth, downtilt, plumb, and height - all automatically. This doubles the benefit of digitalization: existing equipment can be inspected as you install the 5G roll-out.

Let’s connect

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep in touch, and the 5G roll-out is helping us do that. If you would like to try Pix4Dscan or Pix4Dinspect for yourself, get in touch.

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